Thursday, 5 March 2020

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The Water Project

The Water Project is about providing clean water for drinking and washing for people in countries overseas where they don't have this.  The Water Project helps with their health and makes them live longer.  Did you know that you can't live for more than a few days without water. 

In countries overseas some people walk their animals through the water like cows.  Those cows poop in the water and then it make this water yuck and people can get sick and die from this. 

If people have clean water the kids are move healthier and The Water Projects helps heaps of people survive that nasty water.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

l My dog scruffles
My dog's scruffles has a very clean slick brown coat and a skinny body.
she eats dog biscuits
I haven't seen her yet.
I think she will be a playful dog.

 We are getting her from the SPCA.
She is a puppy.
She is going to sleep on my bed.
I will teach her tricks
To clean her I will bath her.
She will be friends with my 2 cats eddy and manny.

I would choose Christmas because you get way more presents then Easter and your birthday and Halloween You have festive decorations at Christmas and Easter don't I love Christmas because we get a chocolate every day and the advent calendar my Advent calendar has little draw that's a very old fashioned at you pick up the chocolate everyday and then you eat the top of the next day until you get to day 24
The big bad wolf has sharp teeth and he eats girls and little boys Likes to hang around in his cave under the big oak tree Has a collection of relics from those in the olden days from the path He likes to go out of the forest and go into the farms and eat cakes and heaps of cows by Jacob 
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The Twits is very good I really like the way that Roald Dahl made the book twist he was too bad he died but here we still got his treasure of story some grown-up Stand Like The Twits I'm going it's did some hates the kids all the kids on the world actually like that and it was too bad he missedImage result for The Twits